Carrageenan: Pretty much everything You’ll have to Know

Carrageenan: Pretty much everything You’ll have to Know

Carrageenan has confronted absolutely serious scrutiny in recent times, simply because some animal scientific studies suggest it may well contribute to intestinal discomfort, ulcerations, and in many cases cancer.

While the outcomes of such scientific tests are alarming at the beginning look, I think that many of the priority bordering them is unwarranted. Keep reading to see more about this foods additive and no matter if it is healthier and protected to take in.

What Is Carrageenan?

Carrageenan is often a food additive that’s typically utilised like a stabilizer or thickening agent. It’s developed up of an indigestible polysaccharide that will come from crimson algae. Though carrageenan-rich seaweed happens to be a standard gelling component in some foodstuff for centuries, contemporary food stuff creation methods use an isolated, refined type of the additive-and that is elevated some fears within the fitness group.

There are two main kinds of carrageenan which you would come across: degraded, that is certainly also called poligeenan, and undegraded. Continue reading