WHAT INSTITUTIONS 7 This time broke that promotes the situation of the student at the center of the training process can happily accompanied the breakup of the space to achieve this extramural University whose H Desroches (4) questioned the event.

In other words, in this university, the professor has the essential task of learning (1) knowledge to the student, in fact, to inform. Besides this, anything is possible. We can consider another university, that is to say that where one focuses on the student and on facilitating learning.

In this aspect, it is no more than ensure that the student has been in contact with predetermined knowledge, more or less uniform and will be able to return during examinations or partial but check that he developed degrees of competence. This means that it is important that students learn to their account with the help of a teacher who can facilitate his approach, so that listening and advises more than it imposes knowledge, which characterizes genuine secularism.

To do this, I suggest to use anything that allows students to build and achieve personal, rigorous and coherent project that enables him to make, methodically, more intelligible its interrogation field. Continue reading